Power of Attorney from Business Customers for Viseca Payment Methods


The following provisions supplement those of the Power of Attorney (POA) set forth in the relevant card application for business customers:


General provisions

This POA forms an integral part of the valid payment method agreement (e.g. credit card agreement) between the card issuer and the principal under this POA. The POA granted by the principal to the agent in the card application applies to all acts, declarations and measures made or taken, as applicable, in oral and written form, including those issued in verifiable text format (e.g. email), as well as in digital form, e.g. in one Digital Service.

The POA shall remain valid until the principal's revocation, issued in writing or in verifiable text format, has been received by the card issuer.

As a general rule, changes to the POA and/or agent must be reported immediately to the appropriate customer service of the card issuer in writing or in verifiable text format.


Account-opening data for online access to one Digital Service for agents

The principal may appoint up to three (3) agents per company for online access at the same time. Every new agent must be reported to the card issuer on a separate form. Existing POAs may be extended to the one Digital Service.

To register the online user account in one Digital Service, once the POA signed by the principal has been received, the agent will receive an e-mail from the card issuer at the e-mail address indicated in the POA form. The agent must subsequently identify himself/herself during the registration process.

For confidentiality reasons, the agent may ONLY use the personal business email address of the principal. Using a private email address or connecting to a privately utilised one Digital Service is not permitted.

The login data provided by the card issuer to the agent is personal, non-transferable and may not be disclosed. The agent is personally responsible for the careful use, storage and confidentiality of this login data.

The POA shall be governed by substantive Swiss law, excluding its conflict-of-laws rules. The principal and the agent acknowledge the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located where the card issuer has its registered office, subject to any places of jurisdiction required by law.