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You are dining in a piazza in Rome one evening when your mobile phone rings. Your neighbour tells you that someone has broken into your house. Your front door was damaged during the break-in, so the building can’t be locked. After you’ve recovered from the initial shock, you call the insurance company, which makes arrangements for a temporary repair and provides an advance on the costs for this. Safe in the knowledge that no further damage can occur in the meantime, you can continue to enjoy your holiday.

What if something happens to your home while you’re away travelling? With home assistance, Platinum cardholders can request immediate help on the spot in the form of an advance on costs to deal with damage or loss due to a break-in, fire, natural hazard or water and glass breakage at their home in their place of residence.

In the event of a claim, please contact +41 44 283 34 18.

The insurance covers the cardholder (primary, second, additional and partner cards), their spouse or partner or registered partner living in the same household and children under the age of 25 who are entitled to support, provided they live in the same household or are resident in Switzerland.

The insurance is included with the following Viseca credit cards:
  • Visa Platinum
The following prerequisites must be met for the insurance to provide cover:
  • The insured person organises access to the residential property in their place of residence and arranges a contact person.

Do you want to report a claim?

IMPORTANT: In the event of a claim, you are obliged to contact the insurer by phone +41 44 283 34 18.

Any questions?

More information about the required documents can be found in our FAQs.
Further information

Detailed conditions and exclusions are provided in the Insurance Conditions.

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‚ÄčTel. +41 44 283 34 18 or e-mail